so my classmate just texted me saying i was groupmates with him and the rest of our classmates that we usually hang out with and while i am SO TOUCHED THAT THEY THOUGHT OF ME OMG THERE ARE TEARRRS IN MY EYEEEESSS HOW COME PEOPLE ARE SO NICE HUH HOW COME PEOPLE ARE SO NICE TO ME UGH I AM NOT A GOOD PERSON GO AWAYYYYY there is a part of me that is sobbing because i

was also kind of hoping

to be groupmates

with my crush

wow i am a gross person

  1. kalinda said: JK OMG but no srsly :”3
  2. girl-in-a-well said: aaawww juju
  3. jimmyypage replied:
  4. prufrocking said: kaya mo yannn (also omg if you were groupmates with whoever though I mean it might not work to your advantage but what do I know okay I’ll stop being a meddling ate)
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